Autumn feeding of bees – the video.

From begining of the September we strive to stop the queen mother in the brooding, that is, in laying eggs. Besides, we have to replenish winter supplies possibly quick. During refining and inverting food, old summer bee workers will be so exploited that will not survive to the winter. The Young bees coming from eggs folded in July and August will be released from this work and will be able to survive whole winter. The second part of this month is very suitable to replace the queens. Requeening process will deprive the brooding and help to the workers became a long living overwintering bees. Other hand the queens in this part of the year are very easy accepted by the bee colonies. To find out more see section : Queen replacement, requeening.


To deprive the queen in brooding we feed bees with the heavy doses of sugar sirup or better inverted bee food. So the free cells for laying eggs will be filled fast with invert or sirup and bee queen can not lay eggs any more. That causes elongation of bees life span. In short words workers which don’t need to taking care over bee larvas live much longer. Together with enshorterig days and lowering temperature they starting to fall in to diapause mode. Their metabolism is changing and then can survived to the spring, in opposite to summer workers which can live only 30-35 days. Below You can see the bottles with sirup. Image shows autumn feeding (replenish supplies). The amount of needed supplies is ca 2/3 cells in the hive. That means 2/3 of surface of the comb should contain supplies in it.


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The autumn feeding in WindowBee™