WindowBee™ observation hive


Made from wood, plexiglass & metal observation WindowBee™ hive.

An older type but fully functional

Large observation bee hive made from pine or oak wood, plexiglass and metal. Rotation up to 135° hanged on the wall or standard base - full mobile hive. All set contain 4 modules (3 on the main photo) , roof & base.

The additional equipment: set of module separators to make the work with the bees totally contactless to the insects( reduced risk of bites and escapes of bees at home)

The hive reduce varroa mite infestation to zero in period of few bees generation because of fact low drone rearing rate and smaller cells of bee comb. Shallow honeycomb cells shorten the development time of the bee under the cap. This period becomes too short for the mites and their population decrease.