WindowBee™ Reproductive worker and death of the queen, March 2019


If in the autumn we have prepared  bees  for the winter, we don’t need to do anything in the spring, we can enjoy watching the awakening of nature and our bees with it.
However,  sometimes happens that the queen mother  is lost/die at the beginning of the season. If this happens we have two options:
1) Beekeepers in the spring often connect weak bee colonies – families together, increasing their chance of survival by eliminating one of the queen mothers. We may try to ask them for a queen. The addition of new one is very very simple. Just give her to the bees. Like in a film from Requeening.
2) We can connect our colony without the queen with other one which is the queen right.
In the bee families in the middle of the month begins the breeding of the young generation of bees. On warm days, workers are beginning to bring pollen and nectar. After bringing the first pollen, the bee family rapidly accelerates its development. Consumption of winter stocks barely noticeable in previous months is very strong now. It  should be remember that to feed a single cell of pupae = a new bee, the colony eats 1 cell from the stocked supplies. If there is no food in the hive, place a bottle of invert in the upper hole in a roof of the hive as described in the month of September.