Since November the activity of bees has been decreasing. There are no longer young stages of bees that needed to be heated, the last flowering plants fade.
As a result, the temperature in the hive, also around the queen, drops to the room temperature or even lower, the bee’s metabolism decreases considerably.
In some sunny and warm days workers doing orientational flights, some of them brings some low amount pollen from late flowering plants.
Strong winds and variable weather, the cold that affects the hive by the pipe connecting to the outside world, makes the bees reflexively clump together in the so called “dense” or “round” of workers. It has to protect it from the cold, however, in the flat it can not take a spherical shape.
After some time, the swarm discovers that it does not have to fear of coldness but remains more crowded in the Queen’s neighborhood.
Workers are as sluggish as they are in sluggish motion, the part does not move at all, only occasionally takes only food.