April- 2019, bee bread, bee birth and brood in the spring – film.


In April and May bees usually have a very rich base of host plants. Weather is no longer as capricious as it was in early February or March. Flights may become more regular. In observation hives until about mid-April amount of bees is decreasing, but after a period of replacing old overwintered workers with a new spring generation of them, the development of the bee family accelerates rapidly.
After the exchange of old workers, young bees abundantly supplied with pollen and nectar begin to produce wax. It’s easy to get to know the light superstructure in the cells upper borders, and the construction of the side parts of the frames.
It is worth to engage bee workers to built new combs. To do this You need put in to the hive an empty frame. If there are  very much number of bees then You can immediately add two such frames. Their powers will put in to building new combs, not for the preparing to the swarming proces.
As soon as the bees are about to rebuilding the highest frames, we should provide them with another. In this way we will not allow unemployment and swarming. In end of April in some regions we can expect some good nectar source flowering. So the bees should have place for storage the fresh collected nectar. In that way in middle of the May we will able to collect some amount of honey from our bees.