Frequently asked questions



„The Bees can sting if they are treated improperly ,

but if

You do it well …

they’ll give You a piece of heaven“


The most important thing when You keep bees is the basal knowledge about them. Without this You will be in danger and all Your neighborhood as well. We strongly recommend to read our breeding section.

Even in blocks of flats bees can bee safe for the environment if You breed them exactly according to the rules of bee breeding. The WindowBee® metal corpus separators allows to manipulate inside the hive without bee escaping into the flat. The WindowBee® hive is not a toy and should be used by responsible people and not by children. They should keep the bees not because of some kind of whim, but because they read about them and want to learn more by breeding in the observation bee hive.

So if You really want to know the bees – this hobby is for You. If it’s just a whim – let it go!

Single or multiple stinging isn’t dangerous for most of people. But for allergic- it is. So You should leave the bee keeping idea if You have bee venom allergy or someone from Your family. The stinging is a rare thing with WindowBee® hive but it might sometimes occur if You are not focused enough on manipulation with the hive. To prevent Yourself (mostly Your eyes), You should wear a beekeeper’s hut during the manipulation time. If the hive falls down, most bees will not be able to flight and attack but some of them will. This is the reason why You should have the proper equipment. The way how to work with the broken hive You can also find in the breeding section.

Bees attack because of some reasons:

• They are under attack, or they think they are…. especially if the bee workers are crashed

• You open the hive and shake them too strongly

• The weather is dangerous for bees and by stinging they defend hive before opening

• Honey bees normally attack within a very close area to a beehive entrance (around 2-3 m)

• The Strong smell of perfume or sweat within the close area to the beehive entrance induces bee guards to attack

If You will use this WindowBee® hive in proper way, the bees will not escape and will not sting You and Your neighbors