Why such a small frame?

The WindowBee™ hives in compare to the standard open air, are generally quite small hives. The amount of bees living in it, varies between 4.000-12.000. So it’s less than 10% of a standard beehive count. The Importance of that fact occurs when You keep our hives in centers of the cities. Small bee population in hives determines low aggression of the bees and decreases danger to the closest neighborhood. The small frame allows breeding in such a small hive without losing its functionality as a bee hive! Using our bee frame separators You can easy split Your hive into two fully functional bee colonies without losing any of the bee workers in Your flat . You can easy harvest some amount of honey, pollen and propolis in the same way!

Colonies living in WindowBee™ hives are resistant to varroa mite invasion. All of our colonies became healthly after one year living in it and never again let invasion of varroa mite into the hives! Observations has been continously held since 2007r. We suspect that very dry winter condition, low drones to workers ratio production, shorter bee worker development (20,5 days) yield low varroa reproduction rate and high mortality of the mite!