In June the bee family attains the highest level of development and are ready to multiply. They will do it with or without our help in a process called a swarm. Bees as swarms must reproduce, it is not a strange statement, if you have red site to this place, then you should already know the details of the young queen mother raising in the parental bee family, if not I invite you to read the chapter: queen. There is a lot of information without which further reading of this chapter may seem incomprehensible.
The best way to avoid the swarm in our hive and escape of half of our bees is to divide our hive in to a two parts. One with and one without the queen. The part with brood should go to this part which has no queen. The other parts of frame should go to part with a queen. Each part should have adequate supplies storage! Remember to give new empty frames to built combs in part with queen. The part with out queen will not built combs to the time when new queen begin lay eggs.

In a few days afer split the new queen will appear in the part of the hive where we have no queen. After next 7 days she will fly in process called wedding flight and start to lay an eggs after it. So in this way we have now 2 hives (you will have to complete all of its parts – the basis, new parts , and a roof). If we don’t want to have two of them we can again join the hives in to the one big hive in late August. Then our bee colony will in very good wellness before the next winter. The bees will choose the better queen and kill another.

Abut split the hive You can read here…