Bee diseases

The most frequent chapter is devoted to diseases of bees. It was created to reader and breeder in the simplest way he could try to diagnose the problem, which can occur even with the best.

Part of the disease also requires notification in the Provinces veterinary especially American foulbrood and itch stone (Aspergillus flavus) . The first disease is very contagious for bees, while the other can be a threat for us as it is called: zoonosis or zoonotic disease. It is important then the proceedings in order to minimize the spores get into the surrounding air.
Of course, what not to write about the diseases most problems arise as a result of negligence and deviations from the recommendations, especially when it comes to preventing the development of varroa and nutrition and temperature at which the developing bee larvae. It is important that the amount of adult bees was large enough to warm the developing larvae and poczwaraki. In addition, you should never run out of stocks of honey during rearing. Their absence will end the mass extinction of older workers and colds brood and numerous diseases.
It should be noted that currently there are no bee families free of Varroa. Individual swarms differ only in the degree of mite infestation. Those that maintain adequately treated mites in check, so that the damage done by it are minimal.
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